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The Ramayana and Miniature Painting Talk

A conversation between contemporary artist Mahaveer Swami who is one of the finest traditional artists from a family of Bikaner painters and Edward Wilkinson, Executive Director, Bonhams Asia, and a leading specialist in Indian, Himalayan, and Southeast Asian Art. They will discuss the ancient and contemporary representations of the Ramayana in miniature painting.  


India by the Bay 2017

India by the Bay brings India’s cultural dynamism and rich diversity to Hong Kong with a programme fusing the classical and the contemporary and encapsulating music, theatre, dance, food, film, and literature.

The festival promises an eclectic mix of artistic expression through a weeklong exposition featuring:

  • an introduction to popular, much-loved and powerful actor Rishi Kapoor;
  • a music performance by acclaimed violinist and composer Dr. L Subramaniam;
  • a culinary demonstration and food experience with chef and food writer Manju Malhi;
  • a powerful contemporary theatre production Dance Like a Man;
  • a performance by one of India’s foremost Kathak dancers Aditi Mangaldas;
  • a conversation on the ancient and contemporary representations of the Ramayana with Mahaveer Swami;
  • a Bollywood dance class with Gilles Chuyen;
  • a talk on Indian textiles and the sari by craft revivalist and art designer Laila Tyabji;
  • a multi- programmed Family Day with various events and activities.

Please check details of  individual events on our Playtimes Events page listings.

Ticket Sales now open! Visit Asia Society – India by the Bay Events Tickets