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India by the Bay 2017

India by the Bay brings India’s cultural dynamism and rich diversity to Hong Kong with a programme fusing the classical and the contemporary and encapsulating music, theatre, dance, food, film, and literature.

The festival promises an eclectic mix of artistic expression through a weeklong exposition featuring:

  • an introduction to popular, much-loved and powerful actor Rishi Kapoor;
  • a music performance by acclaimed violinist and composer Dr. L Subramaniam;
  • a culinary demonstration and food experience with chef and food writer Manju Malhi;
  • a powerful contemporary theatre production Dance Like a Man;
  • a performance by one of India’s foremost Kathak dancers Aditi Mangaldas;
  • a conversation on the ancient and contemporary representations of the Ramayana with Mahaveer Swami;
  • a Bollywood dance class with Gilles Chuyen;
  • a talk on Indian textiles and the sari by craft revivalist and art designer Laila Tyabji;
  • a multi- programmed Family Day with various events and activities.

Please check details of  individual events on our Playtimes Events page listings.

Ticket Sales now open! Visit Asia Society – India by the Bay Events Tickets