Top Picks for 2019 Easter Eggs

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It’s the time of year again where eating so much chocolate you can’t move is completely acceptable! If you’re going to overdose on chocolate, it may as well be with good chocolate so it’s worth it. Here are our #playtimespick for Easter eggs this year!

Sweet Fashion House

“Easter Bunnies”

To lighten up your mood during the festivities, Master of Creations, Gael, has designed a limited collection of unique chocolate Easter Bunnies. The Grey and Pink Bunnies will humour your friends and relatives, each one is exceptionally hand-crafted so you can be sure that your experience will be one-of-a-kind.

Price: HK$238 for one, HK$458 for two

Hotel Chocolat

“Extra-Thick Milk Chocolate Easter Egg”

Just Milk is an egg of two halves: creamy 40 per cent milk chocolate and deeper 50 per cent milk chocolate. Each half is wrapped in gold foil for a glint of anticipation when you untie the ribbon and lift the lid. Inside Just Milk lies mellow truffles and praline eggs including; Vanilla, Illegal Gianduja, Nuts About Raspberry, Salted Macadamia, Pistachi-oh! and Salted Caramel Cream. None of these contain alcohol so this choice is great for children.

Price: HK$280


“Bunny with Chocolate Easter Eggs”

Delight small people with this fluffy Easter bunny who will deliver five delicious Easter eggs. Godiva is one of the go-to chocolate shops in Hong Kong and they never fail to disappoint with their creative seasonal treats.

Price: HK$440

Marks & Spencer

“The Bees-Knees”

This gorgeous iridescent blonde chocolate egg is made from an exclusive blend of premium Swiss chocolate and caramelised sugar. Decorated with hand-engraved golden

bee, this is the perfect egg for white chocolate lovers!

Price: HK$159

Schoggi Meier

“Hatching Egg and Chicks”

Schoggi Meier handcrafts its delights with premium couverture from Felchlin in Switzerland. The pride themselves on creating the most authentic Swiss Chocolate taste in town , with each chocolate masterpiece freshly made in Hong Kong every day in a specialised factory under the strictest quality control. Give the gift of genuine artisan chocolate in the shape of a hatching chick this Easter.

Price: HK$416


“Dark Chocolate Forest Fruits Egg With Fabric Wrapping”

This dark chocolate Easter egg is a work of art to the eyes and taste buds, completely covered on the inside with crunchy, chopped raspberries. The dark chocolate forest fruit egg is wrapped in a stylish, cotton fabric printed with forest fruits on a white background so you don’t have to worry about wrapping it yourself.

Price: HK$620

Marks & Spencer

“Angus the Bull”

Angus the Bull is a show-stopping milk chocolate hallow egg complete with hand-painted horns, a golden ring and engraved hooves to finish.

Price: HK$99

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