Modern Moves

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Jules wears American Outfitters Heather ocean t-shirt, $393, Maggie & Flynn; Stella McCartney Kids bright green shorts, $730, Kids 21. Victor wears Scotch and Shrunk tee, $790, Kids 21.

All furnishings from Indigo Living: Rice cereal bowl, yellow, $169; Rice cups, $59; Rice yellow dining plates, $269; Turquoise bamboo table runner, $89; Antique finish round wall mirror, $2,990; Replica semi pendant light, black, $1,390; Pink peonies with glass vase, $2,190; Rice yellow tray, $319; Milan cabinet, white, $9,490; Silver plated clock, $1,290; Tang table lamp, $1,990; San Diego charcoal linen dining chairs, $2,490 each; Milan extending dining table, $9,490.


Victor wears Stella McCartney Kids grey sweater with horse print design, $730, Kids 21; Appaman Hudson shorts in gator green, $344, Maggie & Flynn.

All furnishings from Indigo Living: Soho walnut desk with pedestal, $8,990; Fracture rectangular wall mirror, $4,490; Walnut veneer bookcase, $12,490; Silver-plated frame bookends, $1,490; Nickel sailboat bookends, $790; Replica Eames chair, taupe leather, $3,390; Robot alarm clock in yellow, $260; Zoo Backpack, elephant, $199; Seedling Amazing Spitting Frogs, $55.


Louise wears Marie Chantal Baby Lola t-shirt, $312, Maggie & Flynn. Jules wears Stella McCartney Kids Dino tee, $490, and green shorts, $730, both from Kids 21.

All furnishings from Indigo Living: La De Dah Mikkah mouse toy, $529; La De Dah blue stripe monkey, $619;  La De Dah Cookie dog toy; $529; La De Dah Grace Summer doll, $579; Beaded silk cushion cover, $999; Monroe king bed, $15,490; Dupion white green piping cushion cover, $549; La De Dah William Whale toy, $529; Barnaby pendant lamps, $990 to $1,990; Mohair blend throw, beige, $599.


Jules wears Stella McCartney Kids cartoon print tee, $490; with Zadig & Voltaire denim overalls, $1,190, both from Kids 21. Victor wears Stella McCartney Kids denim shirt, $990, Kids 21; with white t-shirt, $250, Chickeeduck. 

All furnishings from Indigo Living: Noah bunk bed, ivory, $16,970; Noah trundle bed, ivory, $5,290; Patersonrose stripe fitted sheet, $629; Patersonrose cushion, $399; Patersonrose Mariner pillow sham, $479; Scooter, $1,390; Bean bag, red, $729; Stars rug, dark blue, $2,290.


Louise wears Sunuva pink and white stripe jersey playsuit, $476, Maggie & Flynn. Red Safari Emi the Elephant lamp, $515, Lil Nika.

All other furnishings from Indigo Living: Patersonrose Millie comforter, $1,890; Patersonrose Ruby quilt cover, $990; Patersonrose Ruby pillowcase, $219; Patersonrose Ruby heart cushion, $399; Patersonrose Ruby fitted sheet, $629; Noah bookshelf, ivory, $1,190; Tree photo frame, $288; Photo frames, set of five, $308; Rice skipping rope, $99; Rice English Rose clutch bag, $299; Zoo Backpack, ladybug, $199; Red wooden ball wall clock, $939.


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