6 Brand New Activities launching at SuperPark, Hong Kong

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Just in time for summer, SuperPark, Hong Kong, is launching 6 brand new activities on the 8 June. The all-in-one activity park continues to be a firm favourite amongst Hong Kong residents, with its exciting range of ‘edutainment’.

The new activities will “embody the Finnish way of learning through stress-free and engaging play and physical movement. Players can train hand-eye coordination, endurance, physical strength, balance, accuracy, cognitive skills, social skills, and confidence.”

The new features will include:

  • iWall – Jointly developed by 2 universities in Finland, this exergaming activity incorporates sport and technology in a thoroughly innovating way for all the family to enjoy.
  • SuperCimb – The 4 different 8-metre climbing towers are suitable for experienced and new climbers of all ages.
  • SuperBox – Suitable for all ages, this blends boxing and fitness into a thrilling game.
  • iTeacher – Curriculum based audio and visual physical edutainment games.
  • SuperJump – Trampoling with interactive technology and games helping players improve their skills.
  • Ninja Track – Inspired by the TV show Ninja Warrior, these challenges look to improve whole body coordination, agility, balance and core strength.

SuperPark is also offering 2limited-time promotions:

20% off ALL NEW SuperAnnualPass cards by 30 June (Individual HK$680up | Family Combo for 2 average HK$544up) 20% off ALL July and August regular price tickets by booking by 30 June (ticket price as low as HK$120).

This is a great way to take a break from the hot summer days and challenge the mind and body, and keep everyone active!

Visit SuperPark Hong Kong’s website for more information:

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