7 Secrets To Beautiful Glowing Skin

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Ex-model Dr Kamilla Holst reveals her top tips and secret beauty routine behind her flawless and glowing skin.

My friends and patients are often looking for help to keep their skin looking healthy, young and natural. It’s a common quest and one that I joined as an early teenager. When I was 13 years old I was discovered by Elite Models on a small island called Graciosa with my mother and sister. A woman approached my mother and asked her to bring me into the model agency when we returned to Denmark and so she did. The key challenge for me, was to keep my skin clean and healthy, which normally is not an easy task for a teenager with hormones all over the place.

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Shortly after the modelling started, my father brought back some green tea leaves from China and I started drinking two cups every day. I also tried not to wear make-up everyday like my classmates and sure enough my skin slowly cleared out and it has been glowing ever since. I stick to my beauty routine and so far it has worked very well. All you have to do is to avoid a few things in order to keep your skin looking healthy, because like any other organ in the body, your skin can be affected by your environment both internally and externally. During pregnancy your skin is even more sensitive.

I made another random discovery in my early twenties, having tried many different facial creams, but not liking any of them. On a vacation I borrowed my boyfriend’s day cream for two weeks, because I had left my own at home. The cream was more like a thin gel and was absorbed into my skin immediately, leaving no greasy feeling in my face. It was so good, I have used it ever since! My skin is quite sensitive and every time I try a different cream, it makes my skin react badly. It still makes me laugh whenever I go to buy a new one and the sales woman in the shop asks me if it is for a present and if I want the cream wrapped. I simply reply: “No thanks; it is for me!”

And so, here is my secret beauty routine with its 7 secrets to glowing skin:

  1. Drink approximately two litres of water and coconut water every day to keep your skin hydrated from within. If you are pregnant make sure the water is warm. I usually split it up by drinking one 330 ml can of coconut water and about 1,500 ml pure water through a carbon filter water bottle to remove all toxins.
  2. Throughout the day I will have two cups of pure green tea. Remember to pour the water in when it has cooled down to about 70-80 degrees to keep the antioxidants in there and to prevent it from becoming bitter. Boil the water and put it aside for 10 minutes before making the tea.
  3. Avoid all fried foods! I’m not kidding, I’m sorry if you have a craving, but this will instantly give you breakouts! Your skin is very much a sign of the overall balance in your body. If you fill it with fries, chips and fried spring rolls, it will punish you the day after. Alcohol can also have a bad effect on your skin. Have you ever noticed how you get more spots after a night out on the town? The body is desperately trying to cleanse out all the toxins you have put in it.
  4. I have a rule of never using foundation or powder for work, because it clogs my pores. Your skin needs to breathe, especially living in a humid climate like Hong Kong. When you plaster your face with makeup, you create unnecessary impurities. I know this one is hard for most women, but try and test it. Give your skin a couple of months to clean out all the make-up and you will have natural beautiful glowing skin in no time. Most people try and cover up flaws and spots in the face, but by doing this your skin gets even more spots and it becomes an evil circle. Have the confidence to try this out yourself and know that it is completely normal to break out more when you first start this process because the skin is adapting.
  5. Cosmetic acupuncture and reflexology: After I turned 30 I decided to have facial rejuvenation acupuncture every second month in order to preserve and enhance muscle tone and reduce fine lines. It keeps my blood and lymph circulating freely to my face, which results in more oxygen and nutrients to nourish the skin and less of a build-up of toxins. I also receive a weekly reflexology foot massage to balance my whole body.
  6. Facial care: Every morning I cleanse my face in the shower with Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. It is sensitive enough for most skin types and leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry. Afterwards I spray my face with a toner. I finish off my skin routine with Shiseido for MEN moisturising emulsion! This thin gel absorbs into my face instantly and keeps my skin hydrated but not greasy, just the way I like it. Once a week I scrub my face gently to remove all the dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow in order to renew the skin.
  7. Last but not least, avoid stress. Everyone knows that stress causes skin issues to flare up. Stress triggers the hormone cortisol, which has the capacity to throw other hormones out of balance and cause a breakout. I meditate every day to keep my stress levels down. I also have regular wellness chiropractic treatments of my upper neck and back, in order to relax my nervous system and remove any tension I might have built up. This is my absolute favourite way to let my body relax and I can see the results!

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Dr Kamilla Holst, is a chiropractor and lifestyle coach. To learn more, visit www.facebook.com/drkamillaholst

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