American Milkshake Bar Shake Up Opens Second Store at Langham Place, Mong Kok

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The new store features a series of all-new beverages made with low-sugar ice cream bases – all designed to Shake Up and Cheer Up the public in the fight against the health crisis.

Located at Langham Place in Mong Kok, the newly opened branch also continues Shake Up’s commitment to using quality ingredients, such as Mövenpick ice cream, and home-made ingredients to reduce amounts of sugar in its products.

Aside from bringing joy to the public through its fun and colourful milkshakes, Shake Up! is also using its store opening as an opportunity to pay tribute to the heroic medical staff of Hong Kong for their hard work during the epidemic.

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Among the new shakes offered at the Langham Place location is the Angel in White, which features rich white chocolate and fresh and floral notes of rose. Sweet and uplifting, this new beverage is specially designed to pay tribute to the city’s frontline medical staff.

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There’s also the Bittersweet Shake, a one-of-a-kind treat made with low-sugar chocolate. Catering to the tastes of local foodies, this beverage is made with home-made chocolate source and ice cream that’s crafted according to a low-sugar recipe created by the founder of Shake Up!, and is the perfect reminder of the sweetness that can be found in life even in the bitterest of times.

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Another highlight is the Red Bean Missing You – a delicately textured smoothie made with aromatic Taiwanese adzuki beans. With the virus cutting down opportunities for social interactions, red beans, which represents longing as in Chinese, are a great – and delicious – way for customers to express their care for friends and families during this time.

From today, all Shake Up! stores will offer two-for-one discounts to medical staff as a show of gratitude for their contributions during this difficult period. And to bring a taste of sweetness to everyone’s lives, the brand is also offering 20% discounts to all customers who order its shakes.


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