April Fools Pranks That are Too Hilarious to be Forgotten

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“I clingfilmed one of my flatmate’s entire room and covered my other flatmate’s room in post it notes… best. day. ever.” – Issy

“My kids thought it would be hilarious to change their dad’s password on his phone, he couldn’t get into it for ages!” – Louise

“I work for Hong Kong Airlines and last year I created a campaign to make customers believe they would be served a Cantonese-style brunch on long-haul flights. Customers thought they would be enjoying dishes like roast duck, barbecue pork and an array of dim sum yet we later revealed it had all been a massive ruse!” – Eva

“My daughter switched the salt and sugar a few years ago. The cake I made was the most horrendous thing I have ever tasted!!” – Rachel

“I put a parking ticket on my husbands car, he was not amused!” – Sara

“I spent hours after my kids went to bed putting googly eyes on every food item in the kitchen, their reaction the next morning was priceless!” – Liz

“I made my daughter’s sandwich look like it was mouldy with food colouring and got a very distressed phone call fro her at lunchtime! Luckily she thought it was funny after I explained it wasn’t real.” – Beth

“My son covered the TV remote with tape and my husband spent 25 mins trying to work out why it wasn’t working!” – Martha

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