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Dr Angela Lau

Dr Angela Lau received her medical training at the University of Hong Kong. She has more than 15 years’ experience in both public and private sectors before setting up her own clinic, Little Angel Paediatric Clinic. She also provides emergency services in the hospitals and special care baby units. Being a mum of two children, her motto is to provide care not only to her patients but supportive care to their families.

Understanding Eczema – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

child with eczema on their hands
Eczema can be profoundly frustrating for those who suffer from it. Paediatrician, Dr Angela Lau talks us through the skin condition, from cause to...

Out of Breath

It’s estimated that almost one-third of pre-school aged children have experienced repeated attacks of asthma-like symptoms. We know that, globally, chronic asthma affects about...

Looking After A Sick Child: What To Do

Mum looking after a sick child in bed
Every child gets ill occasionally, and every parent has experienced the feeling of anxiety brought about by seeing their normally active child looking sad...