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Angelina Draper

Angelina is a Marketing professional living in the UK. She helped many clients like Annabel Karmel, Heathrow Express with digital branding. She has a Master's Degree in Journalism & Media Studies from the University of Hong Kong.

Useful Apps for Teens & Tweens

A smart phone with cartoon apps
Check out these 10 useful apps for help teens and tweens; they can track their dreams, read in a virtual library, or tween girls...

There’s an app for that: travel

Playtimes HK - APP
Find some inspiration and tons of resources for travel inspiration and beyond, writes Angelina Draper. GeoBee Challenge HD by National Geographic (Apple, Android, Nook) This award-winning...

There’s an app for that: Pregnancy

Playtimes HK - APP
Find some inspiration and tons of resources for conception, pregnancy and beyond... Glow (Apple, Android) “To Fertility and Beyond” states the website of this sophisticated...

Adult Education: What it’s Like to go Back to School as...

a female student-parent in library pursuing adult education
Ever wondered what it's like to pursue an adult education and go back to school as a parent? We spoke to several women juggling...

Cracking the code

Child software developers, Playtimes HK
It is Saturday morning and I am listening to a developer showcase the gaming application he is building to a group of peers....

Get web-wise

Playtimes HK
As parents, we are aware of what awaits us when our darling little angels turn into tweens and eventually (gasp!) teenagers. Family and friends...