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Elle Kwan

Elle grew up in England in a little suburb outside London, dreaming about bright lights and the big city. She wasn’t aware then just how many cities she would get to experience. When she thought she might spend a life playing others, as opposed to writing about them, a drama degree took her north to Manchester. Playing second fiddle to the acting career was waitressing, which she performed in cities across America. After picking up a lovely husband in Taipei and then moving with him to London, Elle had decided writing about people was even better than speaking their lines (and actually let her pay the rent). Since moving to Hong Kong nearly seven years ago, Elle has interviewed top politicians and pop stars, Michelin-starred chefs and mums, and found that each has their own inspiring story. Her best role has been becoming Mum to Reia and Rafferty. Follow Elle @ellekwan

Potty Training Tips & Tales

child potty training
Three years ago, I devoted one long weekend to helping my daughter ditch her diapers. She was two years and three months old at...

Picture this

It is never too early to start reading picture books to your child, but some of us might be stopping too soon. While picture books may...

Inside Story

These days it’s pretty easy to tell when pollution outside is bad. Just look out the window. What many of us don’t realise is that...

Holiday Unplugged

I love technology; I’m not a Luddite. Facebook allows me to keep in touch with friends spread across the globe; my iPhone is with me...

Group Hug

For some, the fact a child has special needs is apparent from birth. For others, it’s more of an instinctual feeling and for others...

Slow it doooown

Ever heard of Fort Magic? An internet sensation in America, this popular toy consists of a kit of tubes and links with a book giving...