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Gillian Johnston

Stirling, in Scotland’s Braveheart country, was where Gillian grew up. An inquisitive, talkative, active child who didn’t like to nap when there was fun to be had, she quickly learnt to multitask, being known to do jigsaws, read, knit and watch TV at the same time, usually whilst eating. Her inquisitive nature led to a long career as a court lawyer, during which time, Gillian fell in love with Vincent, with whom she now shares life’s many adventures. A keen cook since childhood, Gillian has combined her passions for food and travel, frequently dragging Vincent round the globe armed with little more than a rucksack and guidebook. Calling Hong Kong home since 2007, she made a daring escape from the law a couple of years ago, opting to volunteer as an advocate for a local charity instead. Now Gillian happily multitasks as a domestic goddess and gym bunny whilst writing and planning the next adventure. Read about her travels, tiffin and exploits at www.gillianjohnston.wordpress.com.

Barcelona Bites

Having not visited Barcelona for several years, we squeezed in a weekend during a recent trip back to the UK. It’s an easy hop...

Have a heart

Adventist hospital
Underprivileged children have a hard enough life, but it’s doubly difficult for those who are ill, especially with an illness that affects the heart....

Coming clean

HK clean up 3
Do we really see the trash and debris lying around our city and our shores, and do we add to it ourselves? Sometimes it...

Putting the ‘Move’ in Movember

Movember 5
If you’ve ever pondered the flurry of facial fuzz during November, it’s due to the Movember Foundation – a global charity raising funds and awareness for...

Supporting our sisters

Breasts – whatever their size or shape – us ladies all have them! We know to look after our forward-facing assets by wearing proper...

Burma Beckons

Summer, Playtimes HK
Burma – officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar – has been drawing more attention of late. While it’s now more “open” politically,...