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Katrina was born and grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. She spent long, hot summers on the Murray River, often just floating downstream with the current contemplating her future. After backpacking through Europe, and completing a degree in Journalism, Katrina began a career in television news with a small network in the countryside, where the cameramen would play cricket in the studio during ad breaks. The big smoke soon beckoned and Katrina returned to Adelaide as a news reporter and anchor for Network Ten. She met husband Craig and two kids arrived before the family pulled up roots for San Diego, California. This was followed by a two-year stint in Las Vegas, and it was there in the neon desert where the last of their three daughters was born. Now residing in Hong Kong for the past five years, Katrina continues to write and is an aspiring author of books for young people.

Kids Sports Injuries: How to Help

young athletes swimming
Sport injuries in young athletes are getting more and more common – especially during their growing phase. Fortunately, many kids sports injuries can be...

Helping hands

shutterstock_161514695 WEB
Me, upon hiring my first helper soon after moving to Hong Kong: “Yippee! I’ve been liberated from the daily grind of washing and cleaning up...

Window watch

When my family and I moved into a new multi-storey apartment block in Deep Water Bay, I was surprised to find there were no...

Living to the max

Playtimes HK - living
Southside mum Corinne De Castro was a picture of success – great marriage, three wonderful kids and a full-time job as a commercial television...

Festival fever

While once considered the sole domain of youth – high on the happy herbs, threading flowers in their braids and swaying around in the...

Slumber’s Up

Playtimes HK
In the past five years, it seems every child between eight and 18 has become the proud new owner of a shiny handheld digital...