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Katrina Shute

Katrina was born and grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. She spent long, hot summers on the Murray River, often just floating downstream with the current contemplating her future. After backpacking through Europe, and completing a degree in Journalism, Katrina began a career in television news with a small network in the countryside, where the cameramen would play cricket in the studio during ad breaks. The big smoke soon beckoned and Katrina returned to Adelaide as a news reporter and anchor for Network Ten. She met husband Craig and two kids arrived before the family pulled up roots for San Diego, California. This was followed by a two-year stint in Las Vegas, and it was there in the neon desert where the last of their three daughters was born. Now residing in Hong Kong for the past five years, Katrina continues to write and is an aspiring author of books for young people.

Career kids

Playtimes HK - career kids
Working parents are all too familiar with the precarious juggle between family and job, but what about the increasing number of young people combining...

Marathon mums

Playtimes HK - marathon mums
OK, I’ll ’fess up, I don’t run. I mean I can if I need to, like if I’m in a rush, but even then...

Growing up, Hong Kong-style

Playtimes HK - growing up in Hong Kong
Like many parents raising children in Hong Kong – especially expats and Hongkongers who grew up overseas – my husband and I are well...

Accentuate the positive

Children's accents, Playtimes HK
Hang on, who just said that?” I thought, as I sat in the audience watching my daughter take the stage for her poetry...

Delivered by Dad

Playtimes HK - baby delivered by dad
Mike and Brandi Ruby were settling in for a quiet Saturday evening at home in Sai Kung, when Brandi’s waters broke – three weeks...

Why Experts Say Children’s Eyesight Is Getting Worse

child struggling to read book because she needs vision therapy
So Santa delivered and left that iPad mini under the tree for your seven-year-old, your nine-year-old just brought home a new laptop from school,...