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Rachel Kenney

Rachel was born on a stormy night in Bristol in the south west of England, and grew into a quirky child who used to clean the bottoms of her shoes and hold her breath until she fainted. Aged three, she said she wanted to be a cow when she grew up (which, hopefully, did not come true!), but later settled for a career in journalism and has since worked for a variety of publications. Rachel loves travelling (which is strange, considering her extreme fear of flying) and has managed to pack a two-and-a-half year backpacking stint, nearly five years of expat living in Hong Kong, and as many holidays as practicable into her life so far. Married with two children, Rachel spends her spare time drinking too many lattes and planning her next escape.

How to Prepare Your Child For Secondary School

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Double Trouble or Twice as Nice

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Strictly Speaking

A few years ago, a friend in London admitted that whenever she had one of her son’s classmates round for a playdate after school, she...

Pregnancy on a Plate

"Congratulations!” said the doctor. “You’re pregnant. So, for the next nine months you mustn’t eat any pâté, blue cheese, mould-ripened soft cheese, liver, sushi,...

Buckle Up

When you witness workers constantly sanitising escalator handrails and lift buttons, see mask-wearers protecting others from their sniffles, and hear the loudspeakers at Stanley...

What is postpartum thyroiditis?

Giving birth and looking after a new baby can be a miraculous, magical, rewarding, engrossing and exhausting roller coaster ride for a new mum....