The World’s First Bilingual Search Engine For Children’s Books

    Today is World Read Aloud Day. To celebrate such an important day of literacy awareness, Bring Me A Book Hong Kong (BMABHK) has launched the world’s first bilingual (English/Chinese) search engine for children’s books. As the leading advocate of family literacy in Hong Kong, BMABHK created this carefully curated book list to help parents, children and educators. This list is based on BMABHK’s workshops and book guides.

    The World's First Bilingual Search Engine For Children's Books

    Digital Microsite

    Starting with a list of 1,500 books, the new digital site includes titles for newborns and children through early secondary school, and for parents and educators seeking guidance on nurturing family literacy and holistic child development. Unique to BMABHK’s search engine, parents and educators can now search titles for 100 topics to be used as tools to open meaningful conversations with children. The topics cover diversity, community, environmentalism, empathy, confidence, resilience, and special needs.

    The new platform is the result of an incredible number of volunteers. Many hours of work were donated by a wide range of educational and literacy specialists, librarians, and consultants who generously dedicated their time and expertise to research, tag and thoughtfully select books for positive child development. Sponsored by The HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme, BMABHK’s Find Me a Book microsite is a free community service driven out of a passion to help Hong Kong parents raise empathetic, inquiring and engaged leaders.

    Carefully Curated Lists

    “By thoughtfully selecting a high-quality range of books, we hope to open a gateway towards developing critical thinking skills, nurturing family values, and fostering a lifelong love of reading and learning. BMABHK believes that when we give every child access to more quality books, we open the door to inspire and empower children to make a difference in our world,” said Michelle Bang, Board Member and Chair of the Book Selection Committee.

    More To Come

    Today’s launch is the beginning of an exciting new digital endeavor by the team at BMABHK. Stay tuned for a new batch of 100+ selected titles to be released every season starting Spring 2021.

    More About Bring Me A Book Hong Kong

    BMABHK is an award-winning non-profit literacy organization in Hong Kong with a mission to promote reading to our children, provide access to books, strengthen family and community bonds, and encourage a love of learning. BMABHK uses evidence-based research to provide:

    • Transformational trainings for parents and educators
    • Hand selected and recommended Chinese and English children’s books
    • Quality programs to access authors and literacy experts

    “Since the formation of Bring Me a Book Hong Kong in 2006, we have invested more than $52 million into our programs to help over 180,000 underprivileged children by creating 460 libraries, hosting 134 author visits and delivering 1,700 training sessions. As the leading voice for family reading and literacy, we believe in the power of reading. We are dedicated to provide expertise and resources to parents and schools to support each step of the child’s reading journey.  As one of the key initiatives for 2021, Find Me a Book will allow parents and schools to select quality books much more easily – with just a click of a button.” said Alison Chan, Board Chair of Bring Me A Book Hong Kong.

    Check out more information on Bring Me a Book HK and other related educational topics.

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