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Is your Baby Ready for Weaning?

Introducing solids to your baby is a very exciting time, but at the same time, it can feel a bit daunting. Sanchita Daswani, a...

Exercise During and After Pregnancy: The Do’s and Don’t’s

Going to the gym may take an extra dose of courage – and energy – when you’re expecting, but the benefits are huge. For...

The Best Antenatal and Postnatal Classes in Hong Kong

If you are looking for antenatal or postnatal classes in the city, we've got you covered. Here's our pick of the very best antenatal...

Pregnancy and Childbirth During COVID-19 Pandemic

Choosing to bring a child into the world is the most exciting, momentous event in the lives of many couples. That choice might come...

The 5 Best Baby Monitors of 2021

As much as we may want to, it's impossible to watch your baby round the clock. Here are the 5 best baby monitors of...

Sleep Tips for New Mums: A Survival Guide

Everyone knows that new mums crave sleep: to sleep deeply and for long periods, to recharge your batteries, to heal after the delivery and...

What is a Confinement Nanny and Do You Need One?

Confinement nannies are a big part of Chinese culture. But what exactly is a confinement nanny? And do you really need one? Here, we...

Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness and Nausea

Some women feel wonderful during pregnancy but according to ClevelandClinic.org, the vast majority suffer what’s known as morning sickness at some point along the...

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Women’s Health

What is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and what are the benefits to women's health? Find out here.

Sitting The Month – A 2,000 Year Old Tradition For New Mums

Lisa von Ortenburg discovers the tradition of 'sitting the month' and discovers it can be a great way, maybe even a luxurious way, to...

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