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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Women’s Health

What is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and what are the benefits to women's health? Find out here.

Sitting The Month – A 2,000 Year Old Tradition For New Mums

Lisa von Ortenburg discovers the tradition of 'sitting the month' and discovers it can be a great way, maybe even a luxurious way, to...

What Is Hypnobirthing and Should You Try It?

If you've ever wondered what is hypnobirthing, then let a professional hypnotherapist shed some light on this relaxing birth preparation technique. Hypnobirthing uses self-hypnosis...

Philips Avent Launches New Electric Breast Pump

Philips Avent has launched it's newest electric breast pump, a unique expressing solution that mimics a baby’s natural feeding movement for pumping that is...

What is Gestational Diabetes and How Does it Affect Your Pregnancy?

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a type of diabetes that develops because of the increased demands of pregnancy on the body. If not monitored...

New Antenatal Care Packages at Matilda Hospital

Matilda International Hospital introduces new antenatal care packages The new antenatal care packages at Matilda Hospital provide patients with peace of mind and transparency of...

Postnatal Care in Uncertain Times

Melinda Hunt of Melinda Maternity is here to help with postnatal care in uncertain times. She talks about how a Maternity Nurse can help...

Breastfeeding Tips, Advice & Resources

All your breastfeeding questions answered by lactation consultant Yvonne Heavyside. Read on to learn more and find helpful resources too. You got this, mama!

Breaking Down Pregnancy-Related Skin Issues

Why do some women appear to glow when they're pregnant while others suffer from intense acne? Do all pregnant women get stretch marks? We...

How To Survive Summer With A Newborn

Summer has arrived and so has your new baby. But how are you planning on spending those long days and sultry nights? Sofie Jacobs...

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