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Dad's The Man

Spice it up!

These days it’s too much trouble to go out anyway. Case in point: A reader sent me a report about a man who filed...

Racing Ahead

Running a family, a company and a marathon are all tough work. Here’s how one dad – Stefano Passarello – juggles his parenting duties,...

Single Dads in The City

The 2011 Census recorded 17,665 single fathers in Hong Kong, a number that has risen significantly in the past decade. Add to this number...

Great days out with dad

Are you looking for new ways to spend your precious weekend and holiday time with the kids? Playtimes offers some suggestions for interesting ways...

A baby book for men

I’ll tell you why men have great difficulty coping with newborns. Babies don’t come with instruction manuals, unlike other cool, portable accessories. Guys need...

How to be a dad in 3 days

I’m at work listening to the “Yellow River Concerto” and marking students’ coursework on the same subject, but my focus is not what it...

A special delivery for dads

For some couples, pregnancy comes with ease and for others it can be a difficult process. Either way, most couples spend the bulk of...

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