Charity MMA Class for MINDHK

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This weekend, Hybrid MMA & Fitness are doing their part to share awareness for mental health by holding a charity MMA class on 25 May at 2.30pm.

The class will be coached by Alberto Mina and following the class there will be fun challenges for the Martial Arts coaches, where you can donate funds to see the coaches suffer for an excellent cause!

Class cost: $250

Coaches Challenges Include:– Burpees – $100 for every 50 Burpees requested- Ab punches – dare to give your coach a good ab workout, with punches to the abs!? $50 for every 10 punches- How many roundhouse kicks can your coach do? Tire them out and challenge them to a minimum of 20 each leg for $100.- Sparring with UFC Pro, Alberto Mina. 2 minutes rounds for $200 for each round.

Throughout this event, Hybris is aiming to raise a minimum of $10,000! All proceeds will go to MINDHK to support the awareness of mental illness across Hong Kong and Asia.

All are welcome to attend this event, you do not need to be a member. Donations are also accepted at the gym front desk, should you not be able to attend this event but want to support MINDHK.

Please contact 3468 7702 if you would like to reserve a spot for you and your friends.

To read more on MINDHK and their mission:

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