‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Summer Camp With Metropolis Museum

    Anything is possible! Choose your own summer adventures – from ice sculpture to sailing lessons. Metropolis Museum Summer Camp has all bases covered.

    Summer Camp with Metropolis Museum covers the HK summer spectrum – from outdoor wilderness field trips, trips to the beach and sailing lessons to indoor Base Camp art, yoga and ice sculpting activities and more – all in a Mandarin/English bilingual speaking environment. Each weekday will bring new and different workshops to keep things engaging.

    The spirit of this Summer camp is to introduce kids to new interests, get them doing activities they love and to make fun memories and lasting friendships. The goal is for everyone to go home at the end of the day so energized by the fun they had and the people they shared it with, that they can’t wait to come back the next day.

    The spacious Base Camp is located on a single floor in a modern building in Wong Chuk Hang. With over 10,000 sq ft for kids to venture around, special spaces are designated for small group activities. There will be a range of art workshops, science experiments, yoga/hip hop, gardening, messy play, digital media and much more.

    Each camp day includes a rotation of the activities with 2 to 3 workshops per half day as well as Field trips (which require prior enrollment). Workshop times vary between 45 min and 90 min.

    Field trips are either beach-based or nature-based. If the weather does not allow field trips to take place, children stay or return to the Base Camp where they can join the workshops.

    Social Distancing Nature Walks - Kids hiking

    Social Distancing Nature Walks

    While the Museum is closed, MM Summer Program is proposing activities to keep your children outside while having fun. We walk various safe trails all over the island, while having fun, exercising, and taking in all that nature has to offer. Till beaches reopen, the Nature walks happen all over the island. The kids are dropped off and picked up by parents at a convenient meeting point. Groups vary in number depending on the government requirement. The organization is quite flexible and can also tailor to your needs.

    Safety is our top priority. All necessary measures are taken to provide a safe and sanitary environment. We have chosen coaches carefully, and all activities have assistants to attend kids in need.

    • Intensive Mandarin classes are available for those who wish to improve their language skills.
    • Field trips take place along the hiking trails in Aberdeen and South Bay Beach.
    • Camps are run half day (9am – 12pm) or (2pm – 5pm) or full day (9am – 5pm).
    • Full day camps include lunch and downtime with a movie.

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