Choosing The Best Masks For Children

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Like it or hate it, mask wearing is likely to remain a mandatory requirement for children and students in the foreseeable future. It’s a small price to pay if it means avoiding school closures and attending more collective Zoom classes. Remember the PE classes via Zoom – is there anything more 2020 than that? How to choose the best masks for children?

Choosing the best mask for your children can make such a difference to their comfort and safety. This choice can easily become overwhelming  as there is a lot of technical jargon, quite a few options and very little standardised information to help guide your decision.

Here’s our guide:



  • fall for the marketing slogans on the box. Most of the time the filtration levels mentioned refer to the filtering material, and not the mask itself.


  • your homework and check out the manufacturer’s website before your purchase
  • seek out manufacturers that use raw materials from Europe, Korea or Japan – these are usually the best in terms of quality.



  • go for the cheapest option. It’s never a good idea, least of all when dealing with protective equipment;
  • overpay based on hype and marketing campaigns. Colourful designs may look great, but a mask is not a toy.


  • spend time finding the best balance of quality and price;
  • seek out mask manufacturers that offer their product via a subscription model. This will protect your wallet from any unexpected spikes in the future.



  • chose a mask simply based on popularity. That popularity may make it more difficult to secure a steady supply in the future;
  • buy solely from one source. It’s always good to have options!


  • sign up to a mask subscription service, ideally locally based. This will give you peace of mind and save a lot of running around;
  • stock up when you get the chance. In a COVID-19 world, logistics and transport are under huge stress, so it pays off to have one month’s supply tucked away.

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