Christmas Gift Guide 2021: For Teenagers

    Teenagers can be notoriously difficult to buy presents for. Let us help you make the process a bit easier with this Christmas gift guide for teenagers!

    Lush Fairy Christmas Gift Set, HKD$920

    lush gift guide for teenagers

    Help your teen smell and feel luxurious with this gorgeous set from Lush in their signature Christmas scent. This set contains a bubble bar, shower gel, bath bomb, body conditioner, body spray, dusting powder and soap. Plus, it comes in a 100% recycled board!

    Get it here. 

    FUJIFILM Mini 11 Instant Camera, HKD$850

    instant camera


    This instant camera prints photos on the spot, making it a perfect gift for the teen who’s always capturing fun moments with their loved ones!

    Get it here. 

    Impala Rollerskates, HKD1,033

    roller skates christmas gift guide for teenagers

    These retro-chic style roller skates are sure to offer your teen hours of glide in style and comfort!

    Get it here. 

    Skateboard, HKD$940


    Zip around in style (be sure to wear knee guards and a helmet)!

    Get it here. 

    Mini Portable Charger, HKD$270

    phone charger christmas gift guide

    Charge your device anywhere, any time. This phone charger is practical and stylish, and is small enough to carry in your bag. Never be stuck without power again!

    Get it here. 

    Phone Case, Casetify, HKD$469

    phone case

    This cute phone case is sure to delight even the pickiest of teens!

    Get it here. 

    This Christmas gift guide for teenagers has something for everyone!

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