Crowdfunding For Homeless

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ImpactHK is asking for your support for the homeless in Hong Kong due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Crowdfunding For Homeless

This is a message from Jeff Rotmeyer, founder and CEO of ImpactHK, to all Hongkongers:

ImpactHK have now helped over 100 individuals into shelter over the past two years.  And almost all of the individuals we’ve helped into safe living spaces are still there! This is because of our understanding of the importance of friendship and community.   

We know that housing alone does not solve homelessness.  But this step is one that could lead to saving the lives of an incredible amount of homeless individuals in Hong Kong.  McDonald’s, the fast food restaurant, has been housing hundreds and hundreds of individuals every night.  People in great need sleep there every night because it’s the only safe place they know where to go.   Due to this virus outbreak McD’s is closing it’s doors at 6pm starting tonight.    

This will mean that roughly 500 individuals will be outside in strange locations tonight, cold, afraid and alone.  This just isn’t acceptable! 


We would like to raise as much as we can over the next three days.  100% of money will be spent on hostels and small hotels. These businesses are struggling too and this could make a huge difference for them as well. On all of our 20 Kindness Walks this week, we will offer instant accommodation to the homeless, getting them into safety and also giving us a better opportunity to develop trust and friendship with them.   

The crowdfunding platform SparkRaise have so kindly offered to waive the transaction fee for your donations!! for your support!! Jeff RotmeyerFounder and CEO

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