Cyberport Waterfront Park Dog Poisonings

    cyberport waterfront park dog poisonings

    Reports coming in over the weekend have shed light on multiple dogs that were fatally poisoned in Pokfulam around Cyberport Waterfront Park. Undoubtedly, pet owners in the area are extremely concerned by these dog poisonings. Dog owners are advised to keep a watchful eye for any suspicious looking “luncheon meat block with a yellow-green power”. Thus far veterinarians have been unable to identify the toxins in this deadly powder in the dogs they’ve treated. They only know it’s deadly and fast-acting.


    If you’re a dog owner and suspect your pet has been poisoned or is suddenly feeling unwell, seek veterinary attention immediately.

    Signs of poisoning may include:

    • high fever
    • confusion
    • seizures
    • coma

      Symptoms initially present as increased panting and restlessness. These may occur between 2 hours and 12 hours after exposure to the toxins.


    Hong Kong Dog Rescue recommends dog owners be vigilant and keep away from the area unless they have their dogs on leash. The SPCA suggests dogs to wear a basket-muzzle to reduce the risk of eating anything they find on the ground. Generally speaking, all dog owners should avoid the waterfront park for a while, keep dogs on a leash at all times, watch for any suspicious items/packages/food items, and ensure your dog doesn’t eat anything while out and about.


    The Southern District Councillor, Paul Zimmerman, has issued news bulletins on the matter and called the poisonings “malicious”. He is calling on dog owners to take precautions and on the authorities to investigate and prosecute those responsible. A generous donor has offered a reward of HK$100,000 (through the SPCA) to anyone who can provide information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the culprit(s). Anyone with information can contact the SPCA 24-hour Inspectorate Hotline at 27 111 000.

    Cruelty to Animals is liable upon conviction to a fine of HK$200,000 and imprisonment for 3 years. SPCA inspectors have been putting up signs in Cyberport Waterfront Park to remind pet owners to leash their dogs and watch them at ALL times when going out for a walk. Additionally, dogs should wear a basket-muzzle to further reduce the risk of ingesting anything from the ground.


    Paul Zimmerman has sent out an update on the situation as of 11 February. If you have a dog that may have been poisoned, please contact the police 3660 6611 or 9824 1367 (24 hours). Police reports show 11 dogs were recently affected, 5 of which died. An investigation is ongoing and Cyberport has installed additional CCTVs. They have also increased the number of security guards in the area.

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