Mid-Autumn Festival Paper Lantern

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is a special opportunity for families and communities to come together, typically celebrating with festive lanterns and decadent mooncakes.

Want to celebrate with a simple, homemade lantern? Avoid all the plastic in the shops and make your own.

Supplies Needed

You can easily make a beautiful lantern requiring only paper, scissors and glue or tape. Add a small battery operated tea light for effect.

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half. The paper can be decorated or plain. Make sure to decorate before folding and cutting.
  2. Cut strips in the paper starting from the folded side, leaving about a 2.5cm edge on the paper. You can opt to make cutting lines on the paper so your child has a pattern to follow and will know exactly where to cut.
  3. Unfold the paper and secure the two ends with glue or tape to make the lantern.
  4. You can add a paper handle at the top and a paper base to hold your tea light.

Step by step instructions with photos here

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