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If you’re already feeling drained or rundown…and the holidays haven’t even started…get yourself to LifeHub where you can find your way to more energy, more balance and less stress. LifeHub, located at The Loop on Wellington Street in Central, is an innovative wellness centre with a full range of integrated tests, treatments and products promoting optimal health.

I went in to check out LifeHub and tried out the body scan and hair analysis to see what I could learn. Let me tell you, I was pretty skeptical about these tests but I learned a great deal about my health status – some of which I already knew from a hereditary perspective, showing me that these tests are pretty accurate. The staff was incredibly helpful at explaining the test results as well as what is on offer to achieve better health and prevent future disease.

LifeHub is built on the principles of functional medicine, which shifts the focus from merely masking symptoms of disease to actually addressing the underlying factors. These may include genetic predisposition, the environment and lifestyle choices. The aim is not only better health but also the prevention of disease.

“LifeHub’s mission is to help as many people as possible to achieve optimal health affordably”, said Dr Jonathan Seah, the group Chairman who is a medical doctor by training. “Many patients take steps to improve their health only after they get very sick.” The services and products here are specifically designed to address “sub-optimal health” -which could lead to low energy, frequent minor illnesses, excess weight, hair and skin issues, body aches and pains, as well as poor sleep.

With a host of quick and easy tests, you can find out how best to get yourself feeling great.

Programmes like Oxygen Therapy, Bioresonance Therapy and Nutritional IV Therapies are

combined with daily supplements, dietary changes and fitness plans to help clients reach

optimal health.Adjacent to LifeHub is an integrative medical center, with a team of medical professionals who can provide specialty treatment for clients with other medical needs.

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