Free Kung Fu, Martial Art and Mindfulness Community Classes

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Time to Give Back! The Mindful Wing Chun team are offering free Kung Fu, Martial Art and Mindfulness classes around Hong Kong.

Free Kung Fu, Martial Art and Mindfulness Community Classes

“We understand that fitness opportunities are not immediately available to all,” says Nima King, Director of Mindful Wing Chun, a Wing Chun school with a combined experience of over 50 years. “We plan to take our Kids’ Kung Fu curriculum on the road and make mental and physical health classes available to the entire Hong Kong community.”

The company are set to send their instructors all over Hong Kong to bring Kung Fu classes direct to everyone’s door…for FREE!
Classes include self-defence techniques, philosophy, code of conduct and motor skill development activities and discussions.
There must be a minimum of four kids per class and a pre-arranged area appropriate for training (a clubhouse, squash court, ballet room, grass area, tennis court etc).

Age group options are 3-5, 6-8 and 9+ years for the best experience, otherwise mixed age group classes and adult classes can be arranged.

Interested parties should contact stating the preferred class location, the ages, names and contact information of all potential participants.

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