How to Celebrate Harry Potter Book Night

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What is Harry Potter Book Night?

I love the Harry Potter books, I mean I really love them. Growing up I distinctly remember the anticipation of a new book. The excitement knowing I was going to get another chance to delve deeper into this wonderful magical world. Myself and my brother would stay up all night reading. And I would often miss my train stops because I was so engrossed in one of the books. I have yet to read another series of books that have had me as hooked as these novels did. Much to my dismay I have so far been unable to pass on my enthusiasm onto my daughter, but maybe Harry Potter Night can change that…

Harry Potter Book Night takes place each year and is a chance for everyone to join together to celebrate J.K. Rowling’s wonderful series. The global event is open to everyone, from schools, libraries, bookshops to friends and family. Given the current social distancing measures in place, celebrations can be small. You can create a virtual event and therefore you can choose the time that suits you best. Each year there is a different theme and for the 7th annual Harry Potter Book Night the theme is DIAGON ALLEY.

Bloomsbury Publishing have created a brand new kit for 2021, filled with activities, event ideas and practical resources themed around Diagon Alley. The downloadable kit has everything you will need to hot your very own Harry Potter book night. All of the activities and ideas can be easily adapted to any group size, and many are suitable for virtual online events.  

Image from Bloomsbury Publishing

How to take part

The event takes place on 24 June 2021 and you can register for an event kit here and start planning your night.

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