Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo

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Now in its third edition, the Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo at the Convention Centre will feature more than 140 exhibitors representing around 160 brands of sports and leisure products and services. Free trials for a range of sport activities will be offered during the expo, including a 3.5-metre indoor rock-climbing wall, ice hockey, freestyle football workshops, a pull-up contest, and the Hong Kong Schools Magic Competition. Leisure activities will include photography workshops and board games.

Multiple celebrity sharing sessions will also be held, featuring a star-studded roster of speakers who include Hong Kong footballer Edmond Yapp; Hong Kong figure skater Maisy Ma; Wong Ho-chung, Grand Slam Champion in the “4 Deserts Race Series”; JoeJoe Fan, former HK Sports Institute elite marathon runner; and Yolanda Ng, Chairperson of the Cultural and Leisure Services Committee of the Wan Chai District Council. In addition, the expo will showcase the award-winning STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) works of students from 150 schools along with an awards presentation ceremony.


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