Igloo Dessert Bar Celebrates its Third Anniversary

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    If you happen to hop on the Star Ferry recently, you might notice a long queue outside Igloo Dessert Bar at Pier 7. With the recent launch of their White Rabbit Candy gelato, local foodies are clamouring for more of Igloo’s nostalgic-flavoured gelatos. Since its inception in 2016, Igloo has developed over 80 gelato flavours, evoking nostalgic and festive childhood memories.

    Some of the nostalgic flavours that generated much fanfare include:

    White Rabbit Candy infused with melted milk candy topped with gooey white rabbit sauce

    Horlicks gelato topped with Maltesers bits and malted powder

    Ovaltine gelato topped with generous chunks of KitKat

    HK style toast (奶醬多) – Peanut butter gelato infused with real peanut butter, condensed milk, and sponge cake pieces

    Lemon cream gelato infused with fresh lemon juice and topped with crunchy lemon puff biscuits

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