Malbec World Day

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Terrazas de los Andes, a pioneer of high-altitude winemaking from Argentina, celebrates this year’s ‘Malbec World Day’ on 17 April with a week of festivities boasting a plethora of Argentina’s gastronomic creations and drinking privileges, from 17-22 April.

Commemorating the day when President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento of Argentina officially made it his mission to transform Argentina’s wine industry, 17 April has been designated as International Malbec World Day since 2011. This year, to celebrate Malbec World Day, a total of 36 participating restaurants – such as Wolfgang, JW Marriot, Chifa and Tango – will offer a host of privileges to food and wine lovers.

Restaurant Offers Highlights

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse A specially curated ‘Malbec World Day Set Menu’ is available in Wolfgang throughout April offering the best Malbec tasting with both Reserva Malbec and Single Vineyard Malbec. Stepping into the week of Malbec World Day (17-22 April), a complimentary wine pairing will be offered to guests whilst a tailor-made Appetizer and Salad will be served for food and wine lovers to enjoy an exclusive Malbec wine pairing experience.

Chifa Attractive Malbec pairing experience i.e. “Malbec & Grill” and “Malbec & Spice”, is available in Chifa, a deeply rooted Peruvian and Argentinian cuisine, – grilled dish Anticucho Skirt and spicy dish Lomo Saltado will be paired with Malbec wine from 8 April-7 May.

Tango In celebration of Argentinian culture, Tango Central is offering a by-the-glass activation to Malbec wine lovers from 4 April-3 July, elevating the Argentinean vibes to their fullest.

Other Participating Restaurants IncludeBricklane GalleryBricklane Causeway Bay Bricklane AdmiraltyPenthouse Qi House of Sichuan Qi Nine DragonsStatement – Hue – B&W – Barg Nahm BrazaDragonfly Dear Lilly Spiga London House Commissary Duddell’s Nathan Left The Right Place Ember Das Bier – Slluks – Divino Nanhai No. 1 Fofo by El Willy Carpaccio Ruth Chris’s Olive Craft Steak Soho Spice JW Marriott Grand Stanford

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