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    Mathematics helps us understand and thrive in our modern world. From designing algorithms and safe bridges to balancing our finances and telling time, mathematics has many practical applications both within and beyond the context of education. Studying mathematics encourages children to develop vital learning skills such as logical reasoning, critical, creative and abstract thinking, and communicating solutions to problems in a number of different ways.

    Hong Kong Academy (HKA)’s rigorous, student-centred education supports every individual in finding their pathway to excellence, and differentiation takes many forms in our mathematics programme. Whether it is different problem sets for students at different levels, extension activities designed to go beyond the scope of the course requirements, applying maths skills in house competitions, competing in regional mathematics championships, or personalised independent programs utilising MAP data to meet students where they are and move them forward, all students have the opportunity to excel in mathematics.

    In Grade 9 we have formalised an Extended Mathematics pathway for a cohort of talented mathematicians with a desire to challenge themselves beyond the standard mathematics programme. Extended mathematics consists of the standard mathematics framework supplemented by additional topics and skills. This accelerated level provides the foundation for students who wish to pursue further studies in mathematics: for example, mathematics at the higher level (HL) as part of their IB Diploma Programme coursework. Extended mathematics provides greater breadth and depth to the standard mathematics framework.

    Bespoke programmes are also created to serve the highly individualised mathematics needs of some learners. As one of our exceptionally able mathematicians, Shaurya Singhal worked with Mr. James Bushmiller to fulfil the requirements of the MYP Extended Mathematics course in Grade 9, contributed to a doctoral research paper under the supervision of an Assistant Professor at Hong Kong University and won a silver award at the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO). He is now taking the AP Statistics course in place of MYP Mathematics in his Grade 10 year with the intention of taking the AP Statistics exam in May and then pursuing the Higher Level IB Analysis & Approaches course as a part of his IB Diploma Programme.

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