Flower Powered Retail Therapy

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Blossom with the help of these floral fancies…

(1) Garland $50, Partytime

(2) Ditsy floral paper plates $55, Partytime

(3) S’well water bottle $350, Live Zero

(4) Maudes Cactus by Kate Jarman $4,988, iDecorate

(5) Children’s ditsy playsuit $144, Next Online

(6) Goddess Pouch Flower $200, Apartment 49

(7) Birthday rose nappy bag $1,390, Cath Kidston

(8) Sakura cusion cover $429, Indigo Living

(9) Aquarosa fruit tea $166, Kusmi Tea

(10) Ditsy floral paper cup $50, Partytime

(11) Ditsy floral napkins $55, Partytime

(12) Beaded floral drop stud earrings $250, Apartment 49

(13) Peetch shoes $2,350, Ted Baker

(14) Calinda dress $2,795, Ted Baker

(15) Porcelain dessert set with floral transfer from $99, Zara Home

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