Monster Kid Easter Collection

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In Italy, Easter is the second most important holiday next to Christmas. Everyone comes together to celebrate with family and friends with generations old traditions. To celebrate this holiday, Monster Kid prepares some special Easter toys from an Italian soft toy brand, Trudi.

Founded in 1954, Trudi is famous for high quality, beauty, innovation and attention to the smallest of details. In order to ensure the customers’ safety, the prototypes of Trudi creations are all hand-made. It only uses fireproof and non-toxic raw materials of the highest quality.

(1) Easter Rabbit, $99; (2) MyTrudi Rabbit Beige, $380; (3) MyTrudi Rabbit Beige, $380; (4) Mini Duets Easter, $105; (5) Bunny, $240; (6) Rabbit (Small), $180; (7) Puppet Rabbit Vigilio, $260; (8) Sounds & Lights Cremino Bear Ivory, $460; (9) Rabbit (Large), $380; (10) Mom Bag Cremino, $980; (11) Rabbit (Medium), $240; (12) Rabbit (Brown), $79; (13) Rabbit Rattle, $260.

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