Mother’s Day Tea

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Still trying to decide where to take Mum for Mother’s Day? If your mum loves her tea, we’ve got just the spot. Tea WG, the Singapore established luxury tea company, is offering a special Mother’s Day dinner menu at its IFC tea room.

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The three-course menu starts with a Lyonnaise salad with frisée lettuce topped with Earl Grey Pu-Ethan infused crispy bacon. There is a choice of four main courses – Spanish grilled Iberico pork tenderloin, seared Japanese Iwate A5 strip loin, poached cod or, the dish we sampled during our visit, crab meat and freshly hand rolled egg spaghetti. Delightfully light pasta, more like angel hair, that has a bit of a kick due to being tossed in garlic and chili and served with a generous portion of crab. Dessert is an alluring French almond cake layered with an 1837 black tea infused strawberry jelly.

To say that the bread is a highlight could give the impression that the other dishes are disappointing, but this is far from the case – it’s simply that the bread roll and accompanying butter sprinkled with tea is delicious.

To wash the food down, choose between two soothing tea blends – a cup of hot Crystal Queen Tea, a crystalline infused black tea with sparkling notes of berries and cream, or a glass of Breakfast Queen Iced Tea, a blend of green teas balanced by notes of sweet lemon and a hint of rose.

All this is enjoyed in the calming, and elegant environment of the tea room, surrounded by the beautifully packaged teas.

Tea WG also offers an afternoon tea set with savoury canapés, petit fours and (possibly the best) tea-infused macaroons.

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