New Café in Kennedy Town

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New hotspot in Kennedy Town: Single Origin Only Brews @ For Single Cafe

New café in Kennedy Town, For Single, serves up some amazing single origin only brews alongside sophisticated takes on egg-on-toast for breakfast. Also stocked with local beer brews and a variety of single malt whiskeys, the new cafe in Kennedy Town will be open in the evenings as soon as possible. Swing by this family owned and run café for a positively pleasurable coffee indulgence.

Learn From The Experts

Let the baristas at For Single educate you about the coffee beans they source and the variety of ways they can be brewed. They even offer barista lessons if you’re super keen. Just ask the owners.

How To Get There

Located at 6-18 Hau Wo Street and just a quick walk from the Kennedy Town MTR, you can grab a coffee on your way to the waterfront promenade or enjoy a stroll around the streets of KTown.

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