Ocean Park Launches Redd’s Nature Play Party YouTube Channel

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Fun animal-themed content enables children to learn at home during school closures.

Ocean Park introduces a new educational channel on YouTube. The new channel, titled Redd’s Nature Play Party, helps young children learn about animals and nature through a variety of entertaining content and approaches. The channel creates an additional self-learning platform for kindergarten and lower primary school students, whose school classes are currently suspended due to the impact of COVID-19, by allowing them to enjoy educational videos and learn at home.

The new Redd’s Nature Play Party YouTube Channel will feature new videos uploaded by Redd every week. Redd is an inventor and the most creative member of Whiskers & Friends. He will lead the Redd team to visit different corners of Ocean Park and discover the secrets of nature. By sharing his findings through the videos, Redd will help deepen parents’ and children’s understanding of the ecosystem and environmental conservation.

With support from the Tourism Commission, the channel comprises three series of educational content:

1. Play With Nature aims to stimulate curiosity and guide children to make full use of their five senses to explore and discover the mysteries of nature.

2. Move & Dance sees Ocean Park mascots Whiskers & Friends demonstrate gymnastics and dance movements, encouraging children to have fun and fully exercise their bodies at home.

3. Art And Crafts Workshops stimulate children’s creativity, and enable them to learn about animals by making their own animal-themed arts and crafts.

Three episodes will make their debut on the channel, including “Capybara” from the Play With Nature series in which children will get to know why capybara hairs are coarse and sparse through touch and small experiments; “Whiskers Express & the Miraculous Journey” from the Gymnastics And Dancing series, which encourages children to learn lively steps and dance with Park mascot Redd; and “Capybara playing hide and seek” from the Art And Crafts Workshops with step-by-steps on how to fold paper into cute capybaras playing hide-and-seek.

The #OceanPark Redd’s Nature Play Party YouTube Channel will feature new videos regularly on a weekly basis. For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/37yKEZW.

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