October ‘Get Redressed Month’

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Hong Kong-based environmental charity, Redress, launches their second annual October “Get Redressed Month”. An awareness campaign that aims to draw attention to the environmental impact of the way we make, buy and dispose of clothing. Its aim is to highlight the chemical, land, carbon and water footprints of the fashion industry. The campaign also provides solutions for consumers to extend the life of their clothes by donating them for re-use, resale and recycling.

This year’s city-wide clothing drive includes over 100 participating companies, schools and clubs across Hong Kong with 143 internal collection points and 38 public collection points for unwanted clothing, as well as a public advertising campaign across the MTR. Changing consumer behaviour is a critical part of the problem.

  • We are buying 60% more clothes than we were 15 years ago, and wearing them less and throwing them away more frequently.
  • Statistics show that 370 tonnes of textiles are dumped in Hong Kong’s overflowing landfills every single day.

Through the ‘Get Redressed Month’ educational campaign materials and clothing drive, Redress is not only raising awareness about these critical issues and the power of the consumer to drive change, it is also providing direct solutions for Hong Kong consumers to give their unwanted clothes a second life.

Following the campaign, Redress will host its first ever 24-hour Sort-a-thon on the 21st and 22nd November. Corporate teams will sort clothing over a period of 24 hours, to sort and redistribute all of the unwanted clothes donated during ‘Get Redressed Month’, which is expected to exceed 10 tonnes this year.

The general public can participate in ‘Get Redressed Month’ by donating their clothes in 38 locations across Hong Kong including Jeeves, PizzaExpress, Zara, Edgar, emmanuel f, Gap, Lush, One Lan Kwai Fung, Redbox Storage and the office portfolios at Citygate, Pacific Place and Cityplaza.

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