D.I.Y. Christmas Memory Game

Check out this easy-to-make Christmas activity that will help your child's memory skills, too

During this festive season you might receive some gift guides in the post or when you walk pass the shops and shopping malls. They are beautifully designed with Christmas pictures. After reading what you would like to buy (or what you would like your partner buy for you), don’t throw them away. They can be used for making a simple memory / matching game for your little one to play and learn.

To make the memory game, you will need:

  • Gift guide(s)

  • Plain paper / card (to support the cut outs)

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Ruler (optional, for cutting the plain paper / card, you can do it free hand)

  • Cutter (optional, for cutting the plain paper / card)

How to do it:

Cut out the Christmas pictures from the gift guide(s)Cut the plain paper / card into equal sizes. Find your largest Christmas picture from your cut outs and use that as a reference for the size.Glue the pictures onto the plain paper / card

How to play:

Start off with 2 cards. Randomly pick 2 cards. Lay them in front of your child.Ask your child to remember the cards.Ask he / she to close the eyes while you take away 1 of the cards.Ask your child which one is missing.

Possible extensions:

  • Increase the number of cards to play

  • Increase the number of cards that you take away

This is the memory game: You can increase the number of cards to play for more challenge

What is missing? To make the matching cards game, you will need the same things as above, except that you will need 2 copies of the gift guides. Do the same as above, but make 2 copies of the same Christmas pictures so they can be matched up.

If you want to make the memory game, you would only need 1 gift guide. For matching game, you would need 2.

Make 2 copies of each picture

Both memory and matching game are made with the same method by cutting the plain paper / card into equal sizes

Stick the pictures onto the plain paper / card

For memory game: start with 4 cards, then increase the numbers for extra challenge

These cards are not heavy and small, so they can be easily carried around , for example, waiting for food in a restaurant, travelling in a car / plane, play in a Christmas gathering / playdates.

Learning is fun and inexpensive.

Busma Butt offers advice in having fun with kids around Hong Kong. https://happymindswithbusma.wordpress.com


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