Young People's Mental Health in the Digital Age

On 26 June, Mind HK will host an informal, interactive session with Dr Kim Le, founder of Australia's CGI Clinic, and John Shanahan, psychologist specialising in children and adults, to speak on the mental health implications of digital addiction on Hong Kong's youth.

Seventy-four per cent of children in Hong Kong spend over two hours glued to a screen (compared to 20 per cent in the US and 47 per cent in Beijing). Excessive use of digital devices can impact children's behaviour and academic performance; moreover, more time spent using electronic screen products can put children at higher risk for both physical and mental health problems.

How much screen time is too much? Are the WHO's recommendations accurate? What are the mental health risks of screen time, gaming and internet/social media use?

John Shanahan will discuss how screens engage us and the neurological and psychological underpinnings that cause us to get addicted. Dr Kim Le will discuss the impact of this and provide practical tools to identify and manage screen time. Tickets are available through


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