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Reading Time: 2 minutesKellett School offers an exceptional, British-style education in Hong Kong. From outstanding examination results, to students attending the world’s leading universities, Kellett has evolved its educational approach to ensure that students are equipped with the right mindset and skill set for them to thrive.

The school places great value in preparing students for life’s opportunities and challenges. It is through a unique wellbeing-focused programme, known as Positively Kellett, that the school focuses on the wellbeing of each student. Since wellbeing plays a central role in enabling students to reach their full potential, academically as well as outside their classrooms, this program helps students flourish now and into the future.

Preparing Students for the Future at Kellet

Kellett places importance on developing students in aspects beyond the confines of the curriculum. Students study public speaking, innovation, critical perspectives, and global citizenship. Kellett’s global citizenship and critical perspectives lessons help students become informed and active global citizens, focusing on how the school community can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, through advocacy, fundraising and community service.

In October, the Senior School will have a week dedicated to global citizenship, known as GOW (Global Outlook Week). Year groups travel overseas when possible to learn about different cultures and make a contribution through community service. In recent years, there has been a focus on issues closer to home, most notably on the asylum, refugee, and ethnic minority communities in Hong Kong.

In addition to those opportunities, Kellett offers a standalone subject of Innovation, which allows students in Years 6 – 9 to work collaboratively to understand and solve real-world problems in creative ways. The projects students work on emulate the real world, where teams must harness individual strengths to contribute to one shared goal. Students are even encouraged to experiment and learn from failure, preparing Students for the Future

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A special course for Year 12 and 13 students includes a Mini-MBA, providing a practical introduction to the world of business in an engaging workshop environment. Throughout Year 12, students gain a deeper understanding of how businesses function, developing ‘real world’ skills that will help them in their future careers.

Kellett has evolved its educational approach to ensure that students are equipped with the right mindset and skill set for them to thrive. The goal has always been to engender a ‘love of learning and confidence for life’, placing great value in preparing students for life’s opportunities and challenges, and seeing them flourish, now and in the future.

Kellett will be hosting an Open Evening at their Kowloon Bay campus on Thursday 27 October  from 6-8pm.

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