There’s an App for that: Teens & Tweens

Reading Time: 2 minutesEven if your teen or tween is on their phone all the time, these apps can at least be of use to them.


Tweens and teens love to dream, whether they are awake or asleep, and this app allows them to keep track of their dreams, the emotions they triggered and keep a dream journal. Also a great tool to use as an alarm and works on web and mobile.


Think of this as a virtual library in which all the books are free, with millions of titles published by famous and not-so-famous writers. There is also a Wattpad community and comments from other readers so you can see how others reacted to what you are reading or publishing.


Password management apps such as Dashlane help users create strong passwords they can remember, as well as store them in one place.


A simple and discreet app that allows young women to keep track of their menstrual cycle. Using three months of data, the app estimates the beginning of the next cycle and allows users to take notes.


A multi-award winning app designed to help students stay organised and keep track of homework assignments, coursework, grades (including GPAs) and daily schedules.


It might seem like an oxymoron to suggest using a phone to help busy minds go to sleep, but this app is designed to do just that, with “high quality ambient sounds, pre-mixed for perfect sleep enhancement.”


This app is not designed specifically for teenagers, but is very useful as they think about careers and their education path. It includes a library of over 2,600 videos featuring real people talking about their jobs.


Developed by a young American woman with a master’s degree in global health, this app creates a safe place for youngsters to discuss sex and relationships. Although the design is simple and quirky, health professionals provide medically-accurate information.


Back in the day, we would spend hours (days?) creating the perfect mixtapes but kids today barely know what a cassette is! Now they can use apps such as these to create their jams.


This app lets kids make comic strips in which they both direct and star. More than 85 animated storyboards act as a guide for children to create stories with the camera, add text and showcase their masterpiece.

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