TKO Plaza Presents: Used to Eat Well, a Healthy Lifestyle Experience.

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TKO Plaza will be cooperating with Farmacy, a local start-up enterprise, to hold a series of ‘Used To Eat Well’ healthy life experiences. Through innovative agricultural technology, fresh locally planted herbs will be brought to the mall, which include a number of rare species in our city. TKO Plaza will also be working with a number of restaurant brands, including Blendi, Seventy Ninety, Hexapi Honey, Food Folk, LCB express, and NOSH, to create limited edition dishes with locally grown rare herbs and vegetable varieties. Dishes will include skewered vegetarian minced pork with tabbouleh, lemon basil organic honey drink, and baked eggplant quinoa salad.

The weekend food truck at Tseung Kwan O Plaza and the organic market every Thursday will also be offering healthy lifestyle and food choices. A series of cooking classes will be on offer in collaboration with registered dietitians and tutors from the culinary institute. Classes will include: Sports Nutrition Meal for Children, and Creative Cartoons Bento. Limited seats are available on a first come first serve basis. In addition, workshops will be held on the weekends to teach the use of natural materials to produce cleaning products. Workshops will include: Environmental Wax, Natural Enzyme Cleaners, and Coffee Grounds Handmade Soap.

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