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    While we’re all spending some extra time at home, little ones may be a bit bored of the toys they see day in and day out. Rather than rush out to buy a heap of toys that may only get used for a brief period, why not check out these innovative activity box subscriptions and eco-conscious toy swap services?

    The fun children have with their toys can be fleeting, so a toy swap service can be a great  way to experience a new, fun set of toys without all the waste. Activity box subscriptions are another excellent option for entertaining children at home. You can subscribe for a short or long period, choose particular themes and learn new skills in the process. 

    Here’s our roundup of toy swaps and activity box subscriptions in Hong Kong.

    Happy Baton

    Happy Baton, Toy Swaps and Activity Box Subscriptions

    Choose a subscription and let Happy Baton select a range of age appropriate toys. Your toy box will be delivered along with a play guide for parents, then enjoy all the toys for a month. Happy Baton will come back to swap your toy box for a NEW one. Toys include language, physical/building/tinkering, Montessori, STEM, sensory and more. Happy Baton also rents out baby equipment and large toy items individually. Renewing toys monthly is sure to keep your little one stimulated and entertained. 

    Check out the subscription plans on Happy Baton’s webpage.

    Mochy kids


    mochy activity box

    Check out Mochy Kid’s vast range of tinkering toys designed to support child-led play, enhance fine motor skills, develop cognitive & social skills and other aspects of learning. Fun and engaging projects range from creating a blasting volcano to making a straw hat. You’ll also find jigsaw puzzles and arts & crafts.

    Mochy Kids Monthly subscriptios are delivered mid-month and according to age.


    You may have seen Seedling products and kits around but did you know you can order a subscription box? If you know Seedling, you know you can expect high quality products. Spark creativity, build confidence, enhance concentration and improve coordination with their high quality play kits, delivered to your door.

    Subscription boxes offer a big savings on kits. Just choose the age range and subscribe to Seedling.

    Little Bean’s Toy Chest

    Little Bean's Toy Chest, Toy Swaps and Activity Box Subscriptions

    In Little Bean’s Toy Chest you’ll find eco-friendly wooden toys and “Quiet Books” (ahhhh who could use a little peace and quiet at home?) as well as DIY kits to make your own quiet books. These lovely, washable, interactive books are made of felt and have zippers, silk, cotton fabric, lace and buttons.

    Little Bean’s Toy Chest’s quiet books are available online and at selected stores around town.


    Activity Box, Toy Swaps and Activity Box Subscriptions

    ActivityBox delivers a variety of fun, educational kits full of hands-on craft activities from cooking to arts & crafts projects. Developed by a school teacher, each box contains 4 themed craft activities. Choose to order your kits monthly (delivered within 2 days) or go for a subscription plan (3 months, 6 months, 12 months) and receive your box in the first week of each month. Themes change monthly. 

    Subscription plans and prices are on the ActivityBox website.

    Tinkerer Box

    Kids can work on fun and creative STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) projects at home in a fun and creative way. Tinkerer boxes are full of exciting topics – birds, ultraviolet light, transportation, automation, polarisation, music, marine life and more. These amazing kits were created by educators and child psychologists. Each box has 2 to 3 craft projects and all the materials needed, including instructions and a monthly magazine with stories demonstrating practical uses of the projects.

    Different subscriptions are available for different age groups ranging from 3 – 12 years old.


    KiwiCo, Toy Swaps and Activity Box Subscriptions

    With kid-friendly instructions, award-winning projects and enriching content, KiwCo delivers science and art projects that inspire kids to become creative problem solvers. All KiwiCo’s innovative, versatile projects were designed by experts and tested by children. Choose your focus of activity, suitable for any age: Panda (0-24 months), Koala (2-4), Kiwi (5-8), Atlas (6-11), Doodle (14+), Tinker (9-16+), Maker (14-adult) and Eureka (14-adult). Lines range from maker and tinker to doodle and atlas and you can change anytime.

    Choose your project focus, choose a delivery plan and enjoy the creative process.

    Sqooll Activity Box

    Sqooll Activity Box, Toy Swaps and Activity Box Subscriptions

    With Sqooll you’ll receive hands-on fun every month with an instruction booklet, materials like wood, foam, feathers, stickers and more. Monthly memberships offer the most flexibility. Get a free trial with no commitment or start and stop throughout the year. The 3-Month membership offers convenience or choose a savings with a 6-Month or 12-Month subscription. 

    Just select a plan and choose your activity box to enjoy a new surprise each month.

    Find more activities for kids on our website.



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