Warming Winter Soup by Christian Mongendre of Treehouse

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Wonderful for a light warm feeling on a winter night!

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2-3 medium rainbow Carrots

1 small Beets 

1 medium Sweet potato

6 stems and leaves Swiss chard

3 cloves Garlic 



Salt and pepper 

To finish: avocado and nutritional yeast + herbs de Provence


  • Cut everything brunoise except for avocado, put in pot with water to cover vegetables by 2 inches.
  • Boil until vegetables are al dente.
  • Serve immediately with nutritional yeast and cut avocado in small pieces.
  • Can add olive oil on top.
  • The fat of the avocado is a wonderful compliment to the al dente vegetable and the broth is totally filled with nutrients. 

Recipe by Treehouse Hong Kong

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