Who knew an air purifier could look so good?

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We all know air pollution is a problem in Hong Kong, but are you aware of the increasing problem of indoor air pollution? Evergreen Land, a health oriented company founded by Nicolas Moulin, Olivier Partra and Jean Christophe DOS, has designed the Olfinity indoor wellness solution, a breakthrough technology that will keep your home free of breathable pollutants, while providing a spot of aromatherapy too.

Olfinity is an integrated platform that includes an air monitor, air purifier, essential oil diffuser and a gateway. The air monitor assesses air quality in real time, with sensors detecting particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10) and volatile organic compounds (VOSs) in addition to temperature and humidity. The air purifier reduces air pollution levels – the filtering action is based on international standards, such as suggested by WHO for PMs, and the most rigorous standard, Japan, for VOCs. The essential oil diffuser provides dry essential oil diffusion sessions in a purified air environment. The Olfinity system can be controlled manually or automatically, including remotely through Bluetooth or wifi so you can be sure you’ll return home to clean air at the end of the day.

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