World Mental Health Day 2020 – What’s #BehindTheMask?

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In advance of World Mental Health Day on 10 October, Mind Hong Kong announced the launch of a campaign to address what’s #BehindTheMask. This campaign has the objective of checking in with Hongkongers on the wide range of feelings they might be experiencing amidst the pandemic. The hope is to inspire people to speak up and seek support for their mental well-being.

What's #BehindTheMask mental health campaign from MindHK

The #BehindTheMask Campaign

Supported by Taikoo Place, this campaign is a response to the declining mental well-being of people in Hong Kong, especially young adults, as a result of the pandemic. An online survey conducted by Mind HK found that amongst Hong Kong residents, 57% of young adults aged 18-34 stated that their mental health has worsened during the third wave of COVID-19 (July – September 2020). Key factors affecting respondent’s mental health during this time include feelings of boredom and restless, concerns about work and their financial situation, as well as feelings of loneliness.

To help Hongkongers understand that things are not always as they seem when it comes to emotions of others and their mental well being, especially during these difficult times, the campaign is powered by three core elements, including a video, social media, and clinical support.

Video: #BehindTheMask how okay are you?

Due to the pandemic, wearing an emotional “mask” in Hong Kong has become part of daily life; masks hide a person’s expressions, as well as their true feelings. Mind HK’s campaign focuses on Hongkongers and what they are feeling then compares what they can see (with the mask on) and what they can’t see (behind the mask) through a short film.

Social Media

Mind HK has also launched an Instagram filter as part of the #behindthemask campaign. This relatable approach allows people to easily express how they feel and inspire others to openly do so as well.

How To Get Help

The #behindthemask campaign includes mental health support to those in need. The COVID Mental Health Relief Scheme is offering short-term pro bono mental health support to those that have been most affected by the pandemic, particularly low income groups and those in quarantine centres or hospitals. The Help Me programme, Mind HK’s new virtual mental health assistant, makes mental health support more readily available to the Hong Kong public.

For more information on how to help the kids in your life, check out Coolminds, an online destination to help young people access mental health help. There’s also an upcoming Hong Kong Mental Health Conference this November.

BehindTheMask #口罩日常 #mindhk

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