YOU too must replace your HKID with a “smart(er)” version!

Reading Time: < 1 minuteThe time has come for ALL Hong Kongers to swap over to new and improved “smart(er)” HKID cards. Don’t worry, you’ll get your invitation soon enough.

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To understand what the new card is about, a bit of HKID history might interest you. The earliest identity cards issued were made of stiff paper in different colours. Then came laminated identity cards in 1960. Those had photographs and the left thumbprint of the card holder on the front with the name and other personal particulars on the back. Another new laminated card was introduced in 1973 with the removal of thumbprints and addition of place of birth. In 1983, the first generation computerised identity card was introduced and this was done in phases. The second generation computerised identity card included two types: Hong Kong permanent identity card (right to abode) and Hong Kong identity card. Smart ID cards with mircrochips started in 2003.

The new smart cards, with enhanced security features, personal data protection and new chip technology, have started from November 2018 in rolling phases by birth year. Your year is coming! Find out exactly when here.

All smart Hong Kong identity card holders will be invited by phases, i.e. the call-up programme, to have their existing cards replaced at the dedicated smart identity card replacement centres. Subject to actual progress, the replacement exercise will last for about four years.

Find out more here.

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