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Your Guide To Sleep Therapists in Hong Kong

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Reading Time: 4 minutesBelieve me when I say sleep impacts every aspect of your existence. Whether you have a newborn at home, a school aged child who doesn’t have a good sleep routine or you are struggling to stay asleep in the night for any other reason, it might be a good idea to find a solution. In honour of World Sleep Day in 2022, we’ve gathered up a list of sleep therapists in Hong Kong.

This year’s World Sleep Day is on 18 March and has the theme and slogan –  Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World.  We’ve previously discussed the significant role of sleep, which is one of the four pillars of optimal health, and shared the recommended number of hours of sleep from newborns to older adults in our Better Sleep article. We’ve also discussed Sleep Tips for New Mums.

Reclaim your sleep and your overall health with the help of a sleep therapist. Here’s a list to get you started.

Joint Dynamics Sleep Consultant

Gemma Fisk, a Hong Kong based Certified Infant and Adult Sleep Consultant, has helped hundreds of families across Hong Kong to get their precious sleep back. She believes in a holistic and science-based approach to help adults and children to sleep better. She herself was once a sleep deprived, desperate mother who would’ve done anything for sleep when her first daughter was waking every hour at night. Therefore, she has an empathic approach and a strong connection with the families she works with. Gemma is a Certified Infant Sleep Consultant (The Sleep Nanny Academy – CPD Accredited) and Adult Sleep Behavioural Therapist (The Parenting and Health Institute).

Contact: Gemma Fisk at Joint Dynamics, 852 2762 0528

Kristen Graham Sleep Consulting

Originally from Ontario, Canada Kristin is a Hong Kong Based Certified Sleep Consultant. She has been in Asia around 10 years and has worked as an international primary school teacher. Her journey began when she became a mother herself and went through the challenges of interrupted sleep and ended up seeking the advice and help of a sleep therapist. Her life improved so much, she decided to become one herself in order to help other families. With a background in working with young children, and her knowledge of child development, her certification became part of a holistic approach to better sleep for the whole family.

Kristin offers in-person or Zoom consultations which both include a customized, step-by-step plan to solve your sleep problems. You might even be able to get started with her FREE download of “Getting Started Guide” from The Five Steps to Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night. Kristin also offers FREE 15-minute sleep evaluations. She has a few different packages depending on your needs.

Contact: 55977398

Sleep Solutions With Alison Jones

Like a few other sleep therapists in Hong Kong, Alison became a certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant after her own experience as a sleep-deprived mother seeking help. Having also experienced first-hand the a severe lack of sleep, she understands what other parents are going through and has a strong desire to help. Alison employs the Sleep Sense philosophy – “A well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn.” Dana Obleman, Founder Sleep Sense™ Program.

Alison guides parents through a gentle method that allows your baby to learn independent sleep skills, while respecting your comfort level as a parent. She offers three programmes depending on the age of your child and how much help you’d like. She also offers follow-up and in-home support.

Contact: Sleep Solutions With Alison Jones @ 5335

The Sleeep Lab

Jade, the founder of Sleeep Lab and a certified infant & child sleep consultant based in Hong Kong, has helped families across Hong Kong achieve a better night’s sleep. By finding the root of the sleep challenge, she focuses on implementing healthy habits which teach your child how to fall asleep and resettle independently. What a dream come true for those of us with sleep challenges!

The Sleeep Lab was created out of necessity which appears to be a common theme amongst sleep therapists in Hong Kong. After seeking the help of a professional for her own daughter, Jade was drawn to help others. She became a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant through International Maternity and Parenting Institute. She also has a background in Psychology. You can start with a free enquiry call or go straight for a consultation or guided sleep support with optional follow-ups.

Contact: The Sleeep Lab, 9853


The held. approach is comprehensive and goes beyond assessing a problem in isolation, recognising that you, your baby, and your family unit need to be considered together. Dr. Clementine David, founder of held., looks at families in terms of 5 areas: feeds, sleep, baby’s health and sensory needs, and carer health; understanding that these 5 areas are interrelated and interact to influence your wellbeing and your baby’s wellbeing.

The held. philosophy is based on Neuroprotective Developmental Care also known as NDC or the Possums programs. Founded in Australia in 2011, NDC is based on 20 years of medical research and supports your baby’s developing brain. NDC also supports your mental health, helping you to meet the challenges of parenthood.

held. is proudly the only provider of this revolutionary style of care in Asia and their services cover newborn care, breastfeeding education, all facets of sleep support and other areas like feeds and behaviouor. Dr Clementine David is an accredited Neuroprotective Developmental Care Practitioner, an Australian trained paediatrics doctor, and a mother of two.

Contact: held., 5723

Melinda Maternity

Melinda Hunt, a mother of 5 herself including premature twins, is a professional newborn care specialist/maternity nurse.  She can support you through the extraordinary time of preparing for the arrival of your baby and all that follows, including sleep support. She provides practical help, shares her specialised knowledge, and can mentor you as you navigate life with your new baby.

Contact: Malinda Maternity, 5177


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Tiffany Beeson
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